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Sorry, I Slept In

by Jordan Faye

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Half moon on my door, step lightly, trippin' on my head A shadowed spider weaves his web of woes above my bed Wind upon the window, well oh well, let's shoot the breeze Will I-won't I-should I-could I-may I-thank you, please And nothing ever seems to be as easy as it seems Nothing's ever easy as it seems Time it talks in ticks and tocks from clocks upon my wall I shy away from light of day but shine when nighttime falls I travel east on city streets, though west is best for me And I steer clear both far and near From trendy tracks of tears And nothing ever seems to be just quite how it appears Nothing's ever quite how it appears I'm sorry, I slept in I've told that same old story again and again Though I know it's no excuse I'd still like to propose a truce If you choose to refuse what I offer in song Then I just gotta tell you I never meant to do you wrong Never meant to do you wrong.
Blood Moon 03:03
There's a blackness blotting out the sun (on a blood moon) With red haze eclipsing ev'ryone (on a blood moon) And you know there's nowhere you can run (on a blood moon) Such an eerie sight When it turns the day to night And rations off the light You're at the mercy of the stars above There's no guarantee you'll make it through (on a blood moon) With the darkness hanging over you (on a blood moon) And you know there's nothing you can do (on a blood moon) You'll just have to wait Sitting like a duck, you're bait At the hands of fate To hope the sky won't fall on one and all The moon is bleeding There's no way of knowing what's in store (on a blood moon) With those shadows cast upon your door (on a blood moon) And the tides all crash against the shore (on a blood moon) Your hopes start to fade Now the sky has been betrayed But don't be afraid A ring of light still shines for better times
Well, I may not have much money but I've got enough sense to know That what you pay for is precious till it's sold Like a relic at a rummage sale, a bargain half the price Though most people have picked it over more than twice Did you sell your soul for something else, my love Did you find behind your mind You couldn't take the time to place someone above Yourself From expensive experience I know the cost ain't cheap So don't gamble if your pockets don't run deep Like blood money for somebody Someone's loss is someone's gain But will you wind up with the pleasure or the pain Did you finally forfeit what you'd won, my love Did you find it wasn't fair To cheat somebody of a feeling that was never there You put a price on my head You put a price on my heart You had me marked from the start
Wearin' it down to the grooves, a lornful love song And there's solace in the sorrow of the words Now I'm waiting by my window watching leaves Fall from the trees And I'm taking all the time I need In knowing what's been heard Nothin' much better to do but listen to this tune And let melancholy mold me into something That I never thought I'd be But it just ain't up to me 'Cause my misery is muted by the speakers There's some songs that I can't handle hearing anymore It's not that I don't dig 'em, that's for sure They just remind me of someone I used to know But this new song knows no history of me and her Though it's strange how it still somehow seems Familiar We're all part of the fray in fearing what we've lost And the loveliness that's all around evades us Understand that underneath this gloom there's room to gratify When our feelings find it hard to hit the surface Wearing it down to the grooves.
Quiet of night's gonna drive my mind insane Bringin' me down with a buzzin' on the brain Having some trouble focusing my eyes Counting the seconds till the sun will rise Quiet of night's gonna make me start to cry Passin' the time with a deck of cards and rye Outside the clouds are coasting on the sky Got somethin' for sale, but no one wants to buy It's happened before, it'll happen again And it's not gonna stop 'cause there ain't no end The nights are so long when you don't have a friend With a smile you can share or an ear you can lend Quiet of night, you sure as hell are cruel Liquored an' lonely, that's your only rule Messin' with thoughts that are racin' 'round my head Some I should heed and others try to shed It's happened before, it'll happen again And it's not gonna stop 'cause there ain't no end The nights are so cold when you're all alone And it's makin' me wish I were never born.
The Divorce 03:13
Oh, today I divorce myself from the human race A disgrace, I'm disgusted by the things I see Innocence turns to ignorance in such high quantities Brother please, I want no part of this depravity Though there's good in your neighbourhood It don't undo the bad, makes me mad To think how callousness is commonplace Scores of sullen people permeate my city streets And they greet each new stranger with a frowning face So today I divorce myself from the human race No saving grace in this growing mire of misery But I hope someday humanity will bind itself with love And rise above all of this petty negativity.
Sunlight so bright, feel it graze my glazed eyes Creeping through cracks in the beer-battered blinds Floorboards for pillows will help us to rise The sounds of sweet music still fresh on our minds Weary from whiskey we drank till the dawn Cut through the telephone cord in a rage Overturned tables and chairs on the lawn Laughing at lessons we won't learn with age Let the fire brothers burn at both ends If their flames flicker out or stay lit all depends On how much they consume in this stale, smokey room Passin' guitars around, hear those steel strings sound As the fire brothers burn at both ends Drinking strong coffee for the fifth morn' this week Throat's sore from singing too loudly last night Guitar needs tuning, give the B string a tweak Just ten hours till me and my brothers get tight Alright
I'll stand up for the right to sit around all day And stare out the window watching daylight slip away I don't see the need to go, I guess I'll stay I've got plenty of time, I've got plenty of time I've got my girl by my side and I'm feelin' fine Refill of wine, we got plenty of time Too many people turning time into a race Clock on the wall is telling me to slow the pace You're wasting time to change my mind, get off my case I've got plenty of time, I've got plenty of time I've got the sun in my eyes and I'm feelin' high Don't you know why, I've got plenty of time And I wonder if you'll ever see my way, my friend Aren't you getting tired of going 'round the bend Take a deep breath, hold it in and let it out again Stop rushing through your days, try to make 'em last Don't worry 'bout the future till the present's past You gotta live for today because tomorrow comes too fast I've got plenty of time, I've got plenty of time I drop the cares from my mind and I feel alright Day into night, I've got plenty of time All of the while I've got plenty of time
Tear up the letters that he sent you They've all been rendered past tense Throw out the pictures and the postcards Destroy the evidence You'd like to forget all the old times You'd like to start again brand new But first you've got to be quite certain That he can't be traced back to you Though he will still remember While you forget The love that you once knew And what he meant to you But if you happen to discover There's some memory you've kept Don't share it with your friends Destroy the evidence His heart and faith have both been broken You choose to ignore these facts But there's still a crime you have committed You'd better cover all your tracks Though he will still remember While you forget The love that you once knew And what he meant to you But if you happen to discover There's some memory you've kept Don't share it with your friends Destroy the evidence Avoid your common sense Destroy the evidence.
Resolutions 04:27
Slept through the new year, I was sad to see the old one go Didn't get accomplished everything that I had hoped More broken promises and prayers left unfulfilled Tried to change a few things but I realized I didn't have the will Looked back on months that came as quickly as they went Wondered what I did with all the time that I had spent No use in worrying 'bout lost time you can't replace But it gets so had to greet the dawn and try your best To put on a fresh face Raise a glass and ring the bell, the cycle starts again Frustration, stagnation, reasons to complain What will the resolutions be this time, my friend Perhaps to just resign myself to the fact that Things don't always go as planned.
I'm just playing to the wind I'm just singing to a billion burning stars Though my sound is drowned out by the bustling bars I'll keep playing to no end If you decided to drink downtown You'll find me strumming on a cold and crowded street To the rhythms of the passing patrons' feet On their way to buy a round She won't hear a word I sing Still, she'll stop to drop a dollar in my case I'll see a look of satisfaction on her face Like she's doing the right thing Standing 'neath the streetlamps that illuminate my Stage of dirty pavement as the passersby take little Or no notice of my serenade But I don't mind if they don't pay attention or applaud me, as the wind blows an uproarious response And the stars seem so attentive Like their taking in each nuance Of the music that I've made Above the taverns packed so tight I see my audience, the moon, is rising high I get a full standing ovation in the sky And take a bow beneath his light
My lips are wet, my mouth is dry I've got the full moon in my eye I didn't mean to say the things I said A thought caught between the night And the poison in my head Running 'round my head My voice is cracked, my teeth are bared Poised to attack with words that tear I didn't choose to hang my blues on you But I tied the noose by my tongue Through the tune that I had sung Oh, the sorry song I'd sung Another night, another round Another pint to wash the last one down Throw down the gloves, throw back a beer Throw it all away and offend another friend You held so dear My breath is fire, my eyes are ice I'll burn you once, you'll shiver twice I didn't want to act so cold and cruel To jeer and taunt you through an empty glass Upon this barroom stool And to feel like such a fool
Happiest 02:39
I'm happier now than I've been for a long while Happier than the first days that we spent Together and so I thought you should know I'm the happiest I've ever been You're a sight to be seen when I rise in the morning With a beauty that burns like the light of the sun Passing over the bed And that's why I said I'm the happiest I've ever been The cynics would say that I'm singing cliches Let 'em take their shot 'Cause what we share is something so rare They won't ever know what we've got And I love you more and more each day No one else could make me feel this way At the end of the day I just can't wait to see you To come home and kiss those sweet lips that I love In the darkness of night Our future looks bright I'm the happiest I've ever been To know that you're mine Sends chills down my spine I'm the happiest I've ever been With a love light that glows, it grows and it grows And grows and it grows, grows and it grows... I'm the happiest I've ever been.


"Most of us will encounter at least one morning when we opt to hit the snooze button on our alarm clock a few times too many and, consequently, find ourselves late for work. But just because the shop isn’t open on time doesn’t mean we cease to be the purveyors of something truly fine."


released December 22, 2011

Produced by Jordan Faye.
Recorded & Mixed by Heather Kirby.
Additional recording by Ira Zingraff and Jordan Faye.
Mastered by Fedge.
All songs written & arranged by Jordan Faye.
Photography, drawings & design by Ashley Renee McKee.


all rights reserved



Jordan Faye Guelph, Ontario

More hooks and harmonies than you can shake a nine pound hammer at!

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